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Kendall (68)

Kendall Healthcare Telfa™ Plus Barrier Island Composite Border Dressing, Sterile, Soft Non Woven Backing, Super Absorbent, Non Adherent 4" x 6"

Kendall (68)


Posey (82)

Posey® PRO-heeLx® Heel Protector Medium, Washable, Durable Straps Help with Foot Drop Functionality

Posey (82)


Astra Tech (AH)

Astra Tech Lofric Dila-Cath™ Low friction dilatation Catheter without drainage eyes 18Fr Red

Astra Tech (AH)


Hollister (50)


Hollister (50)


Healthpoint (HE)

Triseptin 90 Degree Wall Bracket

Healthpoint (HE)


Smith & Nephew (54)

Smith & Nephew Allevyn™ Plus Adhesive Hydrocellular Dressing 5" L x 9" with 4" L x 8" W Pad, Bacteria-proof and Water-proof Outer Film Layer

Smith & Nephew (54) Allevyn plus adhesive dressing, 5" x 8", 10/box  66000807


Ecolab (EQ)

Ecolab Inc Accent Plus® Total Body Shampoo, 1 gallon

Ecolab (EQ) Accent plus total body shampoo, gallon, 4/case  61042135


Biersdorf (BSN Jobst) (BI)

BSN Jobst® Opaque Knee High Extra Firm Compression Stockings Small, Closed Toe, Silky Beige, Latex-free

Biersdorf (BSN Jobst) (BI) Opaque, silky beige, small, 30-40 mm, knee high, sold by each pair


Nutricia North America (SB)

Nutricia North America Monogen Protein Powder 14Oz Can, Milk Protein-based Powder, 424Cal/100g, Hypoallergenic

Nutricia North America (SB) MONOGEN,  400 GRAM CAN


Stomocur (IN)

IVC Full Electric Footspring - Item #: INV5490IVC

Stomocur (IN)


Biersdorf (BSN Jobst) (BI)

BSN Jobst Cutimed® Sorbact® Impregnated Acetate Gauze Swab 2-3/4" x 3-1/2" Impregnated Acetate Gauze

Biersdorf (BSN Jobst) (BI)


SPO Medical Inc. (OX)

SPO Medical PulseOx 5500™ Finger Oximeter Unit, Semi-rigid, Highly Resistant To Many Forms Of Motion

SPO Medical Inc. (OX)


Smiths Medical - Bivona (BJ)

Smiths Medical ASD Inc Bivona® Adult TTS™ Tracheostomy Tube 7-1/2mm Size 80mm L, 7-1/2mm I.D. x 10-1/2mm O.D.

Smiths Medical - Bivona (BJ)


Kent Elastomer Products (KL)

Kent Elastomer Products Natural Rubber Latex Tubing 3/16 I.D. x 1/8 W x 7/16 O.D., Sterile

Kent Elastomer Products (KL) Latex tubing, 3/16 id x 1/8 w x 7/16 od, 50 feet  608R


Puritan Bennett (PB)

Covidien Respiratory DreamSeal Mask Standard, Latex-free

Puritan Bennett (PB) Dreamseal standard for the breeze headgear, sold by each


Bard (57)

Bard Medical Bardex® Infection Control 2-Way Foley Catheter 16Fr 5cc Balloon Capacity, Coudé Tip, Silver Hydrogel Coated

Bard (57) Bardex 16fr, 5cc i.c. coude silver hydrogel catheter


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