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BSN Medical JOBST (BI) BI7263903 

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Cutisorb® Ultra Super-Absorbent Dressing, Sterile, Latex-Free 8

Cutisorb® Ultra Super-Absorbent Dressing, Sterile, Latex-Free 8" X 12"
BSN Medical JOBST (BI)

SKU:  BI7263903
$318.36 by 1 Box

BSN Jobst Cutisorb® Ultra Super-Absorbent Dressing 8" W x 12" L, Sterile, Latex-Free

Cutisorb® Ultra combines innovative materials and state of the art manufacturing processes to provide superior absorption that works under pressure in moderate to highly exuding wounds. The incorporated distribution layer insures exudate is channeled throughout the dressing where the super absorbent particles quickly absorb and irreversibly bind moisture. The soft wound contact layer and superior absorption capacity insure gentle and less frequent dressing changes for a better quality of life during treatment. 

  • Soft, non-woven contact layer prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound.
  • Distribution layer ensures that the absorbed exudate flows evenly into the core.
  • Absorbent core binds a high volume of exudate with super absorbers particles.
  • Adhesive layer fixes the superabsorbent particles in place.
  • The outer side has a protective backing that prevents strikethrough onto clothing and bedding.


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