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Stomico AWD515155C 

OSNovation Enluxtra™ Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing, 6

Osnovation Enluxtra™ Self-Adaptive Wound Dressing, 6" X 6"

SKU:  AWD515155C
$163.84 by 1 Box

Enluxtra™ Wound Dressing is a self-regulating super-absorbent fiber dressing with high adaptive absorbency and built-in adaptive hydration. With its variable local functionality and super absorbency, it works equally well for open wounds of any etiology, any stage from earliest to latest, and any wound drainage level - from minimal to highest. This dressing actually senses the wound's condition and automatically adapts its function to guarantee moist wound healing at any time. It can absorb and completely lock exudates away, prevent skin maceration, hydrate dry areas, reduce pain, and serve as a microbial/strike through barrier all at the same time. The absorbed exudates are not released under high pressure (body weight) or compression wraps. It is non-adherent which provides an easy painless, one-piece removal.

  • Variable local functionality: Ability to reversibly change its local function from absorption to hydration - and back from hydration to absorption - automatically, at any time, in any wound area, when and where needed, depending on current wound condition.
  • Highest absorptive capacity and fluid lock-in ability without drying the wound.
  • Effective maceration and desiccation prevention.
  • Effective natural autolytic debridement support and painless slough removal ability.
  • Ability to jump-start the healing process of stagnant, stubborn, and stalled wounds.
  • Drug-free bio burden reduction.
  • Ease-of-use.
  • It is used for chronic (diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers) acute, traumatic and burns.



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