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Atos Medical TL7615 

Atos Medical Inc Standardmm LaryTube 12/55 Size

Atos Medical Inc Standardmm Larytube 12/55 Size
Atos Medical

SKU:  TL7615
$357.14 by 1 Each

Atos Medical Inc Standardmm LaryTube 12/55 Size 13-1/2mm I.D. x 17mm O.D., 55mm L

Provox LaryTube is a very popular, soft laryngectomy tube. A key feature that distinguishes the Provox LaryTube from traditional laryngectomy tubes is that it can hold a Provox HME cassette and/or Provox FreeHands HME. It is available in three versions and can be used with or without a voice prosthesis.

  • Allows for immediate post-operative use of an HME.
  • No adhesive required which means that you can use the LaryTube even with sensitive skin or during the radiotherapy period.
  • Helps laryngectomees with an unstable or deep stoma to achieve pulmonary protection and rehabilitation.
  • Maintains an open stoma in patients with shrinking stomas.


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