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VibraCool® Vibration and Ice Therapy, Wrist/Elbow

Vibracool® Vibration and Ice Therapy, Wrist/elbow
MMJ Labs

$99.28 by 1 Each

VibraCool® is clinically proven to temporarily relieves muscle aches and injuries on contact. Two physiologic pain relievers --high frequency vibration and ice -- combine to combat pain. Vibration massages muscles while improving blood flow. Ice decreases pain, swelling, and inflammation. Together, ice and vibration have physiologic synergy. VibraCool® technology pairs a concave, palm sized unit with specially designed ice packs that freeze solid and attach securely to the device. For athletes, use the unit with vibration only prior to a workout to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, then use VibraCool® with ice wings 10-20 minutes following training. It can be secured with the hands-free strap around wrist/elbow.

  • Includes VibraCool® with 10 minute shut off feature, freeze-solid 2-chamber ice packs, two AAA batteries, and a 20" neoprene compression strap to hold VibraCool® in place during activity. 
  • Relieves pain on contact - Research shows that high frequency vibration speeds healing, increases blood flow, and stretches muscles 3x faster than massage. Ice reduces inflammation.
  • Ideal for epicondylitis; tennis elbow; golfer's elbow; bowler's wrist; carpal tunnel


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