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Stomocur (IN) INVITFG08 

Invacare Matrx® Flovair™ Cushion, 20

Invacare Matrx® Flovair™ Cushion, 20" W X 18" D Seat, Gentle Contour
Stomocur (IN)

$490.97 by 1 Each

Invacare Matrx® Flovair™ Cushion, 20" W x 18" D Seat, Gentle Contour, 250 lb Weight Capacity, For Wheelchair

Invacare Matrx® Flovair™ Cushion is designed to provide pelvic stability, leg positioning and pressure management for users with postural asymmetry and skin integrity issues. The Invacare Matrx® Flovair™ Cushion begins with the base for comfort, stability and function. This hybrid cushion captures the stability of foam, the pressure redistribution of air, and the shear management of fluid.

  • Positioning foam base: Supports the pelvis and thighs; helps to prevent adduction and internal rotation.
  • Effectively redistributes pressure without the penalty of added weight.
  • Additional shear reduction as two layers work in harmony.
  • Contour choices based on involvement level.



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