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Applied Medical Tech AKGJ141530 


Enteral Feeding Supplies (professional Use Only) G-Jet Low Profile Gastric-Jejunal Enteral Tube 14 Fr X 1.5 Cm X 30 Cm
Applied Medical Tech

SKU:  AKGJ141530
$1,232.09 by Each

G-JET Low Profile Gastric-Jejunal Enteral Tube 14 French x 1.5 cm Gastrc/Stoma length x 30 cm Jejunal length. The AMT G-JET represents a major improvement in patient comfort. Just like AMT's Mini ONE Button, the G-JET's balloon is shaped like an apple to cover more surface area and minimize leaks at the stoma site. It seals better to reduce leaks that can lead to gastric ulceration and to hypertrophic granulation tissue. The G-JET's jejunal lumen provides more than 60% increase in cross section area to provide better flow. Additionally, we've reduced sharp corners from the lumen to further increase flow and help prevent clogs. With less clogging, you may require fewer tube replacements. Due to the larger J lumen, the guidewire is easy to place or remove. In addition, it is less likely to bend or kink the tube during guidewire removal. The G-JET has mutually-exclusive ports. Gastric feed set will only fit in gastric port; jejunal feed set only fits in jejunal port. Fewer holes are required in jejunal section. This promotes consistent flow and pressure through the entire tube. kit Contains: (1)Gastrostomy Extension Set (1)Jejunal Extension Set, (1)5ml Winged Luer Adapter Syringe (1)35ml Bolus Feeding Syringe (1)Device(2) Gauze Pads.


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