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MiniMed (MN) MMT100I 

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MiniMed I-Port Advance® Injection Port with 6mm Cannula

Insulin Injectors Minimed I-Port Advance® Injection Port With 6mm Cannula
MiniMed (MN)

$156.01 by 1 Box

27G Insertion Needle, 1/3" H, < 0.0026mL Residual Space, Up to 72 Hours Wear, Single Use, Sterile

I-Port Advance® combines an injection port and an inserter in one complete set. It is designed for those who take multiple daily injections to provide a simple and convenient way to take your insulin without having to puncture the skin for each dose. The device may remain in place for up to 72 hours to accommodate multiple injections without the discomfort of additional needle sticks.


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